Film: Koudelka Shooting Holy Land

I was fascinated by Koudelka's work when i first saw an his work exhibited at Arles. An understated man he attended the showing of his film at the ICA saying but a few words . This film is a great insight into his practice as he returns to the same locations on multiple occasions, revisiting and revising past compositions. As photographers we can learn much from his steady perserververance. He returns until the there is nothing left for the place to give him. In a world of fast and transient imagery, Koudelka is a master of his craft. Handholding his beast of a Fuji GX17 camera is if nothing else a physical feat, as well as a testament to his skills developed over a lifetime. This film is full of humour, from a figure that is not seeking the limelight. We are invited into the intimacy of his practice; from sitting on the side of the wall loading film, to inching closer to border guards. This is a much watch for every photographer no matter your genre.

Thank you Gilad Baram for his film and Josef Koudelka for allowing us into your world.

“Try to survive, and good luck!”
— Koudelka at the premiere of his film in London