Project Preview: 'God's Acre'

God’s acre a moravian term for their burial ground. Fetter Lane moravian church is set just off the King’s Road, Chelsea in one acre of land. The Moravians initially owned a much larger plot with plans for a settlement. As a missionary church this would be a staging post for missions to the Americas.

As a past resident of the Manse on the site I have watched as visitors tentatively wander through its gates, unsure of its purpose or history. There is another group who pass through the gates to attend on a sunday. These are the members of the Fetter Lane congregation. 

This community has many links to the wider narrative of the Moravian church. A small congregation made up of many members originally from overseas (West Indies, Tanzania, USA and South Africa). It is these custodians who hold the key to understanding the heritage and ethos of this space.

Over the last year I have been photographing and interviewing members of the congregation, in order to understand their outlook, history and vision for moravian close. these interviews have provided the foundation of my enquiry, mindful of these as i photograph the space.

My aim is to produce a photographic book that will be distributed to the local community. Gifting its residents with a greater understanding of the place and an invitation to its community. 

I am currently seeking funding opportunities for production of the book.

Fairy tree

Hawthorn Trees, recognised in Ireland as the fairy tree are often seen lone in the landscape, as it is considered bad luck to cut one down, remove branches or even hang things upon it in case you disturb the little folk.

Hawthorn trees are fascinating, found alone in the landscape. How did they get there and how many times has mans plans been diverted due to the mythical significance of these hardy little trees. They may not be seen classical elegant but there is an undeniable connection to something much more ancient as one gazes upon their gnarled and weathered appearance.

Hawthorn Tree No.1 ©Laurence Gibson

My Journey My Voice launched

I am pleased to announce the release of a project I produced in collaboration with UK charity The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. 

The goal of My journey my voice is to raise awareness about communication disability. There are a wide variety of different communication disabilities, which effect different individuals communication in different ways, we providing a window into the lives of nine individuals, who happen to have a communication disability. 

The project exists as an exhibition and training tool; consisting of still photographic portraits and audio recordings of each participant who tell the listener about a favourite journey they have been on in their own words.

Click on images for full screen view.

Tory Island

An image from one of the many fantastic islands of the coast of the west of Ireland there are to explore. This was taken on Tory Island; a larger island  15km off the north coast of County Donegal measuring three miles long. Dotted along its one road running the spine of the island where these red benches, which stand out in its barren landscape. I am not completely sure of their purpose, to allow elderly islanders to stop along the road or perhaps simply for anyone wishing to stop and admire the view.

Bench, Tory Island, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. ©Laurence Gibson

Bench, Tory Island, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. ©Laurence Gibson